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'"Sometimes we wield controllable insanity to fight uncontrollable insanity."


His mind raced around the notion of––the ultimate subtraction of oneself,

and deduction-dwelling inside uninhabitable white.        


How does one change the workings of the mind when the mind’s workings are doing the change?


Like a broken clock contorting

its mechanical guts to

fix itself. 

Steven Leonardo Clifford was thrust into a tragic yet adventurous childhood on the streets of Long Island, when he gathered inspiration for his future writing. In his mundane late adolescence, he attempted writing a science fiction novel, amateurishly so. Fortunately, he lost most of it in a digital freak accident and matured into poetry. Experiencing a question-inducing event, he experimented heavily on his craft to closely resemble his unique perspective on reality. That, combined with the source of his childhood, Clifford found all the content he needed and began writing an on again, off again project, which he calls his “poetry-novel.” Several years later, he concluded it and hurtled into its sequel, still experimental yet more prose-y. In-between his bigger projects, he managed to get several of his poems published in online magazines including: Vext MagazineCamel Saloon and Crack The Spine, wherein he was interviewed and then featured in the magazine’s 2014 summer anthology. Clifford is currently working on his book’s sequel and exploring life.

All our


blend to

a generalizing



we ask


“What time is it?”

:::[Transmission Concluded]:::
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